Yesterday I was in London protesting with other students against education cuts, or more specifically Nick Clegg breaking his pledge to abolish university tuition fees.

As you've no doubt heard, protests didn't go as peacefully as planned and wild accusations about out of control students have been storming the media.

Everything was going smoothly to begin with. We marched from Whitehall, holding our banners and smiling for the press. The atmosphere was good. But soon the attention of the media turned from us to violence breaking out at the home of the Conservative Party.

I arrived at the Millbank Tower just as the first window had been smashed. A masked middle aged man calmly walked away, as other masked yobs threw eggs and other objects at the building. Were they bothered about student cuts? Sorry to be blunt, but were they bollocks.

So how do I explain the cocky young students seen being arrested in the papers today? I can't. They messed up, they got caught up in the excitement, and thanks to their naivety they thought the only way to make their point was to be violent. I'm sure they're going to pay.

Did police respond quick enough? No. We were moved on by marshals who asked us nicely, but there was no one preventing the violence which broke out. It was a good 20 minutes before I saw riot vans arrive.

Just remember, before you brand all us students as idiots who did nothing but make fools of ourselves protesting violently, there were in excess of 50,000 of us in Westminster yesterday. Out of those, it's reported there were 50 arrests, and I firmly believe they weren't all students.


07/17/2012 15:01

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