I reckon Frank Turner's fourth album could catapult him into mainstream territory. Don't get me wrong - with songs like the "atheist anthem" that is Glory Hallelujah ("There is no God, so clap your hands together", repeats Turner) - England Keep My Bones is as mainstream as cheese rolling.

But being alternative is as fashionable as ever, and I reckon middle class teenagers across Britain will be queuing up to download this album from iTunes. In fact, as I write this, it's a nudge away from being in the top 10 of the iTune charts. And there is no doubt in my mind that Turner deserves this success.

Just like with his previous albums, each individual song has its own identity. They don't blend into one generic sound. They're all catchy and brilliant in their own unique way. With cheeky acappellas slotted between hard punk tracks you never know what to expect next.

Do your bit to stick two fingers up at auto tuning by buying England Keep My Bones here.


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