A town inhabited only by Land Rover enthusiasts? A town with dirt tracks for roads, a pub named after the West Midlands town where the legend was born, and an art gallery with photos of nothing but Land Rovers? It sounds like Heaven! But no, it couldn't happen, the government wouldn't allow it. However, they couldn't prevent a virtual Landy town could they? A town created using the green lanes of the internet? And what shall it be called? How about... LandyTown?

LandyTown was set up in 2009 by a group of friends who decided to establish their own club and community. They wanted to be able to run their own events and have a chilled out internet presence. The forum and club are now thriving with members from as far afield as Australia and Oman.

Unlike other Land Rover clubs that focus on a particular model or competition, the basic idea behind the formation of the LandyTown club was to offer everyone an opportunity to get their teeth into green laning or soft off-roading with the family car - mums, kids and pets alike. As such LandyTown is not devoted to one particular model, nor one particular geographical location.

This was made possible through the wonders of the internet. Our main hub is the online forum, which is an easy way to organise events, talk about them afterwards, discuss technical aspects of Land Rovering, and chat like you would down the pub (our virtual pub, the Solihull Arms, has nearly 1000 pages of banter). We're even on Facebook and Twitter for all you social networking fans. Yes, this is a real 21st century Land Rover club!

This, however, does not mean our socialising is solely online. We attend Land Rover shows and organise trips across Europe. Regular green laning trips mean members get plenty of opportunities to meet up and discover the faces behind the usernames. There is even talk of an expedition across the Australian Outback to meet our Australian contingent!

Earlier this year, a group from LandyTown embarked on a seven day trip to Normandy. Crammed into this short trip were two days green laning led by a local company, as well as a day at their pay and play site. Keen as ever to turn this into a social event, the LandyTowners also found time for sightseeing, and hosted a drink party for the locals. Astonishingly, considering the miles covered across a variety of terrains by the group of Land Rovers, there were no breakdowns! This event was such a huge success, it is expected to be repeated again next Easter.

If you've been close to the clubs area at a Land Rover show this year, chances are you will have been hounded by one of our junior members wanting to give you a leaflet. If not, look out for us at future shows. We'll be at the Land Rover Max show in August. You can't miss us, we've had a massive LandyTown banner and international flags made up, ensuring we don't go unnoticed!

It has also been confirmed that LandyTown will be attending the London2Brighton Land Rover run this year. We are hoping for a good turn out so if you're interested in joining us, get in touch!

Green laning trips across the Salisbury Plains are regularly led by club members, including our chairman, Malcolm King. These are often run across a weekend to allow for relaxing as a group in the evening, around a campfire when it is a bit chilly. We are hoping to explore other lanes across the UK, with a weekend laning in the Peak District planned in September. The green laning trips cater for all vehicles and levels of experience – informal training is provided if required. Of course, if anyone gets stuck, there's always someone onhand with a towrope and a camera (pictures usually appear on the forum within 24 hours, for everyone not at the event to, er, learn from). A break for lunch as well as numerous tea and coffee stops are always arranged to emphasise the social side of our outings, share our ups and downs, swap vehicles, and allow kids and dogs to get muddy.

Our kids love to meet up as we do, so much so that we've created a small and safe virtual village for them to stay in touch.

Membership to the forum is free, but for just £12.50 per year for single membership you get access to the virtual club house, priority access to events, a free (real, physical, nothing virtual about it) sticker, and discounts from a wide range of Land Rover suppliers, selling everything from oil to Land Rovers themselves.

Ever wanted your Land Rover to get a taste of the outdoors, smell the mud and live its life to the full, whether it's a standard Freelander or a tricked up Defender? If so, LandyTown is definitely the place for you and your Landy!

To find more about the LandyTown club, visit our virtual town for yourself at www.landytown.com. Say hello on our forum, and before you know it you'll be a permanent resident!

10/25/2011 16:30

Be sure to drop by Melbourne next time you are in Australia, I'll show you some great runs through the nearby mountains.

09/20/2012 01:09

Love this Weebly site, I had no idea I could make a free blog so easily, thanks!


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