Visitors to the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Oswestry, are likely to be familiar with the over-zealous parking wardens lurking to fine vehicles that stop for longer than they should.

While it's fair that parking wardens operate on site to maintain some sort of order - many visitors have complained that they are being threatened with CCTV to issue fines should they overstay for a small amount of time.

One parking warden warned me, while waiting in the 20-minute drop off area at the main entrance: "The cameras read car number plates. They have a buffer zone of two minutes. If you stay for longer than 22 minutes then they automatically get your details from the DVLA and issue a fine."

The warning comes as Communities Secretary Eric Pickles calls for a ban on car parking cameras.

However, a freedom of information request to the hospital reveals that no one has ever been fined using cameras on site.

During the last financial year 822 parking fines were issued by the RJAH - however a number of these were cancelled due to appeals. A total of £7209.38 was raised in revenue from parking fines.

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