Peugeot's press release for its limited edition 207 Sportium has just been left on my desk.

Normally I'd immediately chuck a Peugeot press release straight into the recycling bin, or if I'm in a good mood, the "read later" pile. But my eye was drawn to the bold print, promising added "sport-ism" to the 207.

Now I was interested. How've they managed to make this little shopping trolley sporty? Are we talking a V6, a la Renault? Or have they created a wonderful little track hack by removing the insides?

Well, no. All they've really done is add a bit of chrome (if you look very carefully), and a few gadgets that might come in handy but won't help your time around La Sarthe.

So what about the engines? Well, you have a choice of a 1.4 petrol, or a 1.6 diesel. Neither are exactly "sportium". The petrol gets to 62 in a mediocre 12.1 seconds.

I'm probably being overly harsh on this little hatchback. I've no doubt it'd be great in urban areas, so why didn't they take Austin Rover's lead and call it the City?

With a starting price tag of £12,595, I couldn't help but wonder what you could get for the money that was genuinely "sportium".

Options include a 2007 Focus ST, a true sporting hatchback that'll get you around town nicely, and to 62mph in 6.8 seconds. If a Porsche is more your cup of tea, £12,595 will see you in a 2003 Boxster. Or how about a car from times when Peugeot made genuinely great hot hatches? You can get a fully restored, immaculate 205 GTI for half the price of the 207 Sportium.

I know if I had that sum of money burning a hole in my pocket I wouldn't be heading to the nearest Peugeot dealer.


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