I check the website of my local paper, the Shropshire Star, on a daily basis.

When I visited this morning there was a story I couldn't help but feel I've read before. It was about drivers in Wem, a small town in North Shropshire, who are "continuing to dice with death" at a level crossing in the town.

A quick search on the website revealed that this certainly isn't the first time I've read the story - in fact there have been eight different stories in just over a year about drivers "risking their lives" at the crossing.

The first time this story was used it included a CCTV video of a driver driving dangerously through the crossing and details of the driver who was subsequently banned from driving.

But recent stories include nothing but a few statistics from Network Rail.

Is this a long running campaign by the Shropshire Star to encourage the people of Wem to take a bit more care at the crossing? No, I don't think so.

It takes a matter of minutes for a journalist to contact Network Rail, get a few figures, and then report a sensationalist story about a small level crossing in a sleepy Shropshire town. I just wonder how many times they think they can get away with posting the same story before it stops selling papers.

I wonder if it's a coincidence that each time the story has been used it's been later in the week - an easy Friday afternoon story for lazy hacks perhaps?

Read the stories for yourself:
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Drivers still risking lives on Wem level crossing – posted Thursday 8th July 2010
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